Home Income Alliance Online Business Review

Home Income Alliance is a new home business started by Dan Miller.  Dan is an experienced online marketer that was also responsible for the Alliance program, the 100k Power Income Marketing System, and IPC Instant Cash.

This relatively new internet business has a unique 2 tier commission system that offers three different levels of entry.  Members can join at the Executive level for $499, the Standard level for $299 and the Basic level for $99.  The commissions on these levels are, respectively, $250, $150 and $50.  Members make these commissions for every member that they bring into the business and when that member makes a sale, the override sponsor makes an override of $100 for the Executive level, $50 for a Standard membership and $20 for the Basic membership.

The products are a suite of  electronic downloadable products that are commonly found in these types of businesses.  Dan Miller also offers training webinars weekly and has also created numerous training videos for members to access in their back office.

There have been many similar programs over the past few years, and members in this program will profit if they work hard marketing it and take the time to learn the basic internet marketing skills taught in the back office and in the weekly webinars.  Dan Miller is obviously a successful marketer and members that take the time to aggressively market Home Income Alliance during the first few months will have the best chance at long term success.

The key to success for most members will be for them to learn how to attract prospects to join their team rather than one of the many others marketing the same program.  The best way for members to do this will be for them to learn how to build custom landing pages that set themselves apart online.  These are skills that Dan knows well, and hopefully he will teach Home Income Alliance members to learn how to brand themselves online as this is an essential skill for most successful online marketers.