As Much As Possible Create Strategic Alliance – Team Up Your Resources

It’s hard to go it alone. Teaming up with the right partners or creating strategic alliances
can stream line the process, get you there faster, and can help save both of your resources, and create a substantial income for the partners. How does it work? First you have to find compatible partners that may have similar things to offer but not completely the same as to be your competition. Then you have to create an event or marketing strategy that creates substantial benefits for your customers conjunctively.

For an example a dog groomer might form an alliance with a veterinarian’s office to offer the service at the Vet’s place. Then the Vet can offer that service to his or her clients and customers get added value. The marketing might include a flyer from the groomer going out with the veterinarian mailing. The bundling up saves both partners money. Then the dog groomer gives referrals to the Vet.

Another example of a good team up is using partners in an internet promotion that will promote your products. You pay a good percentage to them for that alliance. Now instead of doing all the work yourself and reaching only the people you could with your list (let’s say 300) you are using other partners with their lists and now these ten or more partners suddenly gets you in front of 60,000 people. If you can put together more partners like that potentially you have the opportunity to reach one hundred thousand to a million people or more at one time. That’s leverage!! It’s a win-win situation for everyone. A strategy that will work over and over again. With those same alliances in place you could cross promote each other’s products for equal benefits or create coordinated events to reach a large audience.

Another way of working strategic partnerships is to offer discounts to your partner’s clients and offer tie-ins, or co-registration of services. For an example a woman is signing up for brides’ expo and at the same time she can also get information about custom bride’s gowns and catering halls in her area. Now one source collects her contact information and distributes her information to the strategic partners in place that can best serve her needs. When her contact information is shared each partner will market to her about their own unique services for which she requested more information. Everyone wins. In this instant this new client came as a result of its alliances. All the partners will be able to get more clients by working the alliances in this way because there is no competition among partners.

Strategic partners or alliances can also give you credibility. When your business is mentioned in the same content with a bigger partner it is understood to potential clients like a recommendation which in a many ways it is. Finding and putting together the right strategic partnerships or alliances offers fantastic shortcuts and can launch your sales to extraordinary heights. As much as possible team up your resources and form great alliances. Share the burden, and the success.