A Review of the Lightyear Alliance Income Opportunity

Digital phone service, digital cable, cell phones, high-definition television…thirty years ago all of this were still ideas one saw while watching the ever popular ‘Star Trek’ in all its recreations. Now, it is all possible and growing by leaps and bounds into newer and more exciting technology.

Lightyear Alliance, the direct sales portion of Lightyear Network Solutions, was launched in 2003. It is the parent’s company fastest growing division and quickly becoming one of the largest providers of digital phone and broadband internet to residential, small office and home office customers. The company believes in philanthropy and is affiliated with USA Harvest, an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry across the United States.

The leadership team has numerous total years in the phone and Internet industry and includes a representative who is working on expanding the company to reach Spanish speaking citizens. The company has also been featured in a variety of articles from magazines such as USA Today, the Economist, and Red Herring, all of which can be found in their news room section.

The company offers consumers digital broadband phone services and broadband internet. They offer local and long distance packages as well as various options such as 3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding and other commonly found services. They also offer wireless service from major U.S. carriers and unlimited calling to the United States and Canada.

Cost for the services they offer? With the exception of the digital phone service (the cost of which is actually found under products and services on the opportunities page), everything else is unknown. The website requests that the customer contact them for more information.

Lightyear Alliance sells their products via independent sales representatives. These representatives are paid on a weekly basis on the items they direct sell and are given a program called MyLightYear, an internet marketing tool, to use for their business. More information on the sales representative opportunities can be found by clicking a link on the home page of the website.

This is an aggressive sales structure and of course, the more people a representative has working under them, the more they will make in both commissions and bonuses. The .PDF presentation found on the page goes into more details. There is a demo of the MyLightYear system also available from the opportunities page for the prospective salesperson to view. There is no information available on what type of training is given to the sales representative.

Review of the website leaves an interesting question for any prospective customer or sales representative: are the services they offer comparable to services that can be purchased elsewhere? Without a good deal of cost comparison, it is hard to tell whether or not this business is truly worth getting into.

There is no information about what a sales representative has to pay in order to get started. The services the company offers may or may not be worth switching to. Doing the homework and actually speaking to someone who is involved as a representative and as a customer would be the best course of action before signing up to promote these products.